Dragon Planet: KRAAMLOK

cover of Kraamlok, by Sharon Plumb. Image shows a white dragon recoiling from a mosaic of a red monster on a cliff face.

Dragons and more dragons, a pristine planet with surprising links to our own, plenty of lore and legends, and a sweeping epic fantasy quest. Perfect for those who have finished the Wings of Fire books and are ready to move on to a book for teen readers. Or for anyone of any age who wants more dragons.

The Eye shall be Blood, the sun shall be Bone, and dragons shall pass from the world. For it comes, it comes, the kraamlok comes…

Dragon seer Tondoor was hatched for only one purpose: to ask the starry dragon god, Morwaka, for a way of escape from his tribe’s prophecy of doom from the sky. But Morwaka isn’t speaking to him. Doesn’t he want to save the dragons? As rebellion brews around him and his arch-rival tries to steal his dragon love’s heart, Tondoor learns that the answer he seeks might lie with a lunatic dragon lost somewhere in the other five corners of the world. Can Tondoor succeed in his quest to save the dragons he loves — and survive the ones he doesn’t — before the kraamlok destroys their world? 

Ages: 11 to teen to adult
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9918792-2-9
Kindle ISBN: 978-0-9918792-0-5
ePub ISBN: 978-0-9918792-1-2 (coming in 2021)

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Learn more about the dragons: their star, their planet, a map of their city, their anatomy, what colour their hatchlings are, how they communicate with stiff, scaly faces, games they play, and their D&D stats.

What People are Saying about Kraamlok

Certain to Enthrall

Kraamlok is a fresh and compelling look at dragons, who quarrel, plot, revolt, and occasionally fall in love. Plumb’s immaculate story-telling takes readers in unexpected yet familiar directions to beautifully rendered worlds and is certain to enthrall young and old.
~ Maureen Ulrich, author of the #jessiemachockeyseries

The Number One Book for Dragon-lovers!

For anyone who loves dragons, this book is a must-have. Tondoor searches for a mentor who can teach him how to save his world — before the terrible Kraamlock destroys them all. This book paints a vivid picture of eight different dragon types with all their origin stories. And Tondoor takes readers on a tour of all their lands and societies. Kraamlock touches on serious themes of diversity, inclusiveness, and environmental threats, as well as giving the most complete and engaging picture of dragon life to date. A must-read!
~ Marie Powell, author of the Last of the Gifted series.

Could believably Exist

“I like this dragon design; it feels like it could believably exist as a real animal.”
~ Jolyn Michaelis, Kraamlok cover artist (See more of her monstrous art on her portfolio.)

A riveting, suspenseful, and satisfying read!

The meticulously-crafted characters are so beautifully done, with such immediacy, that I often felt as if I were inside Tondoor’s dragon persona as he went through the often-unsettling chain of events in this novel, and the multiple dilemmas presented in his coming-of-age at a very suspenseful time.

The several settings are so clearly constructed that there was a wonderful ease in navigating them, through Tondoor’s perspective, as he went about his quest. Additionally, I’m enormously impressed by Plumb’s carefully-crafted, complex and contrasting culture(s) and histories of the several dragon societies. And then – several elements of surprise, entirely convincing, as the beautiful narrative took me (and the characters) along unforeseen paths.

This was a literally breathtaking read, and I recommend it highly.
~ Alison Lohans, award-winning author of 26 books including Don’t Think Twice and Timefall.