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Sharon Plumb
Sharon Plumb

Hi! I’m Sharon Plumb. I write stories, poems, songs, and plays, mostly for children and young adults. I love to do readings and workshops to classroom and library groups in person and online. Contact me if you would like to book one!

Short Bio:

Sharon Plumb writes stories, poems, songs and plays from her home in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Medium Bio:

Sharon Plumb grew up in the mountains of northern British Columbia, writing stories in a small town that no longer exists. Then she moved to the flat prairies, where she  writes stories about places that exist only in her imagination. She has written picture books, novels, poems, songs, and plays. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. When she isn’t writing, you can find her on her bike or in her garden (in the summer) and trying to finish up the other things she has to do so she can get back to writing.

Long Bio:

Check out my extended bio at my writing group’s site, books4kids.ca.


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