Bill Bruin Shovels His Roof

Bill Bruiin Shovels His Roof
Bill Bruin Shovels His Roof

Publisher: Scholastic Education

Ages: Grade 2 reader, but suitable for younger children too if you are reading it to them.

Bill Bruin wishes he could sleep through winter like all the other bears. But he isn’t like the other bears. Instead of making him drowsy, the cold keeps him awake.

So Bill decides to do the next best thing: have a hot, bubbly bath. Except that he can’t, because there is so much snow on his roof that his ceiling is sagging and he can’t open the bathroom door.

Out he goes into the snowy morning, carrying his ladder and shovel so he can clear the snow off the roof. Will he get it cleared before nightfall? And will Sammy Raven help him or slow him down?

Bill Bruin Shovels his Roof is available to schools from Scholastic Education. It comes in a package with six books and a teacher’s guide. If you are a school, you can order it from Scholastic Canada. Click on “Scholastic Education”, then type the book title into the search bar.

If you live in Saskatchewan, you can also watch Sharon reading the book to a group of students on Access7 TV’s Bookworm’s Corner. The show airs Monday to Friday at noon and at 3:30.