Origami Dragon
Origami Dragon, made by my nephew BR.

My novel Draco’s Child features a dragon.

I’m currently working on a prequel (tentatively titled Morwaka’s Dreams) and a sequel (tentatively titled Specto’s Cat).

Morwaka’s Dreams features a whole lot of dragons, and as part of creating the society they live in, I had to figure out how their breeding works.

In this society, there are 8 colours of dragons, and I wanted to know if there was a way to tell what colour of hatchling you would get if you bred two particular colours.

One of my sons knows something about genetics, and he also likes to write computer programs. So he took on this question, and came up with a program that will tell you, for any pair of dragons, what the probabilities are of getting a particular colour. It’s on his website, along with a detailed explanation of how the genetics works. You can play with it. Enjoy!


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