Draco's Child
Draco’s Child

Draco’s Child is a young adult fantasy novel for ages 13 and up.

Varia lives on a planet that orbits a star in the constellation Draco the Dragon. Where the only other person her age is Sidran, a boy she can’t stand, and where the forest is trying to kill them. Then two things happen: an alien child made of stars steals Sidran away, and Varia befriends a dragon.

The star child offers to keep the colony alive—if they let it shrink them all back into children. Varia refuses, because the dragon can help them instead, right? But the dragon already knows the star child, and it wants war. With Varia at its side.

Bill Bruiin Shovels His Roof
Bill BruinShovels His Roof

Bill Bruin Shovels His Roof is a picture book for all ages. It’s about snow, and friendship, and sliding, and did I mention snow?

Bill Bruin has a problem. He should be sleeping away the cold winter, but the cold keeps him awake. Can he clear off his roof before nightfall so he can get into his bathroom to have a hot, bubbly bath?


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